Hello world!

I am an inspirational and passionate supply chain leader who thrives in an environment loaded with complex organizational and business challenges. I am fortunate to have worked for some of the greatest Fortune 500 international brands in high-technology history.

My professional experience spans multiple disciplines across new product development, field technical sales/applications, cross-functional program management, procurement, global sourcing, quality, supply chain strategy, new product introduction, product engineering, manufacturing, and global operations. I’ve worked in mature, fast-growth, scaling, and turn-around situations.

Through all of this, I have cultivated a diverse portfolio of leadership experiences:

➢ Drove the largest and fastest new product ramp for a global Fortune 500 brand to the top two customers in the market concurrently
➢ Architected and implemented innovative supply planning solutions for a $5B brand for inventory reduction
➢ Implemented multi-million dollar savings programs in multiple firms
➢ Developed a new business intelligence platform for supply chain
➢ Drove a comprehensive supplier development and quality improvement program for a contract manufacturing partner
➢ Developing the talent bench in the organization including my successor at a Fortune 500 company
➢ Mentoring multiple young executives in leadership development programs and managing organizations with diverse global footprints, including Asia and Europe

My strong leadership, collaborative and communications skills are the cornerstones of my career. I thrive in atmospheres that encourage talent, leadership, and organization development from their executives.

I am honored to have been named a Supply Chain Executive of the Year, awarded an inaugural Supply Chain Sponsor of the Year, recognized as a “Pro to Know”, and a Top 25 Supply Chain Executive.

I’ve had the pleasure of presenting at multiple industry conferences and been a guest lecturer at top universities.